About our Studio

We have a nice, warm 1500-square foot studio in Spearfish, SD. We are located in the Lookout Landing building off Exit 14 - unit 201. Look for Gadgets Technology and we are right next door.

In our spacious studio, we offer a large variety of backdrops, props, and options for all kinds of photoshoots. We love natural light and have two large windows to offer a lifestyle corner, complete with a couch and bed setup. We also have a darker section perfect for professional headshots, group photos, and colored or themed backdrops. During your session, you are more than welcome to help yourself to our stocked fridge of beverages and goodies, and make yourself at home in our viewing lounge. This lounge is great for comfort during your session and we also use it for our viewing/ordering sessions, particularly with our high school seniors. In our front lobby, we have a working desk for ordering, and a high-top coffee table perfect for bridal consults & meetings.

For our little loves: we have a comfy newborn beanbag complete with a variety of swaddle blankets, headbands, crates, baskets, and props that best fit our style. We ensure our studio is as warm as possible before you arrive so your little one will sleep soundly during his/her session. To help with this, we also have soothing white noise available.

Everything in our studio is designed to photograph within our preferred style. However, our clients are more than welcome to bring their own blankets, signs, or props if they wish. If you have any questions about what works best, don’t hesitate to contact us.


About our Style

We are mostly natural light photographers specializing in available light. Because our studio has nice big windows, we work mostly with available sunlight and our daylight studio lights to create images that fit our style. Images that are light, airy, and dreamy. I personally love simplicity in our sessions. Sometimes props can be overwhelming and take away from the session. So I love soft, simple images. Newborn toes & fingers. A laughing family. Momma embracing her beautiful, swollen belly. A clean white cake smash with a few flowers. Or a fun milk bath session with beautiful opacity. These are the sessions I feel will be most timeless and memorable.

In order to create images within our style, we strongly encourage our clients to follow our suggestions on clothing, colors, ideas, and types of props. If you don’t see something listed or if you have a special idea you’d like to try, great! Don’t be scared away by this short list. We'd love to chat and will gladly work to customize your session so you’ll be sure to love your photos.

What to wear: wear what you are most comfortable in! Don’t be afraid to pamper yourself and buy that new outfit. But if you have a comfortable outfit you love, don’t feel like you have to buy something specifically for photos, either. I am a sucker for dresses, flowy clothing, and lots of light colors or pastels. If we’re doing group photos, try to avoid all of the same color. If someone in your group has a dark color (i.e. dark gray), mix in lighter colors for the rest of the family (i.e. cream, beige, light gray, light blue, etc.) General rule of thumb: avoid distracting patterns and stripes as much as possible. If one family members opts to wear a pattern, then everyone else should have simple, non-patterned clothing.

Here are a few colors that photograph the best:

-gray -beige/sand

-sage green -light pink

-cream -ivory

-lavender -mustard

-pastels -rose gold

-light blue -peach

-navy -mauve

*It’s important to note: this is just a basic list! Many other colors photograph very well and create emotion and dimension to your images. If you have any questions about what to wear or a particular color, feel free to contact us.


To book a session or for more information:

Contact us on the form below, or text/call us at (605) 641-0498.